Umbria is Italy’s fourth-smallest region and produces only a third as much wine as its neighbour Tuscany. It is the only region without access to either the sea or international borders, Umbria is a bit of a hidden gem. For many years overshadowed by its neighbour Tuscany, this lush and sparsely populated land is affectionately referred to as the “green heart of Italy".

It has a climate and geography similar to Tuscany, with cold, rainy winters and dry sun-filled summers. Most of the region's vineyard plantings are along terraces cut into the hillsides. Though the wine production in Umbria is limited, the quality is outstanding.

As one of Italy’s least-populated areas, Umbria has remained true to its roots. The region is something of an unspoilt area in the Appennine Peninsula.

The winemakers in this inspiring area, located in the heart of Italy, are undergoing a period of exciting development as Umbrian grape varieties and wines become more known and respected.

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