Welcome to Mezzolombardo, small town nearby Trento in Northern Italy! This is known one of the best areas for the production of grappas, fruit brandies, liquors and wines. Due to a unique microclimate, to a peculiar kind of soil, to the clean air of the mountains and to sun exposure, the countryside surrounding Mezzolombardo is therefore recognized as “the best vine gardens in Europe”.

The Dolzans are heirs to a long familiar tradition of wine-growing and wine-making experience which has been handed down from one generation to the other: hereby a bridge between past and present was built. Such tradition now continues with Luigi Dolzan’s sons Michele (sales manager) and Mauro (oenologist and technician). According to their father’s teachings, the two brothers do constantly care about the requests of the market as well as about technological changes and innovations, so that to have a modern company also respectful of tradition.

Should you visit Villa de Varda, you are invited to visit the “Everyday tools” museum, the largest private collection in Italy of more than 1600 pieces related with farming, wine-making and distillation since the 16th century to present days.


Grappa Moscato

- Alambico d’Oro  Concorso Nazionale Grappe  2013

- Diploma di Medaglia d’Oro 2010

Grappa  Teroldego

- Alambico d’Oro  Concorso Nazionale Grappe  2013

Grappa Moscato Riserva

-  Premio Grappa Invecchiata Aromatica Concorso Interregionale Alambicco del Garda 2011

-  Medaglia d’Argento  Selezione Acqauaviti d’Oro 2011

Grappa  Teroldego Riserva

- Medaglia d’Oro  Selezione Acqauaviti d’Oro 2012

- Alambico d’Oro  Concorso Nazionale Grappe  2013

Grappa Pinot  Nero Riserva

- Alambico d’Oro  Concorso Nazionale Grappe  2013