Prince Francesco Spadafora is a man of many hats; but one is treasures most is telling the story behind the wine that bears his family name; Spadafora Winery.Don Pietro dei Principi di Spadafora founded the company, who inherited the estate from his uncle, Michele De Stefani, a talented farmer and breeder of racehorses. Spadafora is a Sicilian family that has origins dating back to 1230. Over the years family members have held a number of "important" positions in the "Kingdom of Sicily" and other European countries.

Francesco's first bottle was produced in 1993 and the rest if history. It’s only fitting that the first wine was the Don Pietro red, which would end up on the tables around the world. Spadafora Winery is a special place in Sicily with a family history and tradition that make enjoying the wine a special occasion any time of year.

All the wines are BIO certified from 2014 vintage.

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