Piedmont is located in the northwest of Italy, with Switzerland to the north, France to the west and the beautiful Mediterranean coastline and fishing villages of Liguria only an hour's drive south.

The Piedmont wine region, particularly in the Langhe sub region, is the land of castles, vineyards and romantic hills sometimes shrouded in mist. Piedmont is often called the "Burgundy of Italy", as it is most famous for its boutique wines and outstanding gastronomy (Alba is home to the famous white truffle).

The region produces forty-six DOC and four DOCG classifications. The super star wines from the region are the DOCG Barolo and Barbaresco Cru wines, named after the villages themselves where these Cru vineyards lie, both tremendously rich red wines made with the native Nebbiolo grape. 

Piedmont is also home to many other native grape varietals including more wonderful reds, Dolcetto, Barbera and Cortese, a white varietal used to make the deliciously fresh Gavi di Gavi wines and another native white, Arneis known for producing a delicate and highly perfumed wine.

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