Campania was originally known by the Romans as Campania Felix (Literally meaning beautiful country).The region, one of Italy's oldest wine region has a unique charm enhanced by one of the world most beautiful coastline (Amalfi). 2000 years ago, Campania was considered as one of Italy's favourite region by the Romans.

In recent centuries, the wine production and the quality declined dramatically, and dedicated to the production of Cheap table wines. But, over 20 years ago, a new revival of the wine production was underway.  

The Area offers an optimal climate for viticulture. Its fertile soils of "Volcanic Tufa" are perfectly suited for the production of white wines. The Region is home to numerous grapes varieties, some of which are found almost anywhere else in the world. White grapes such as Falanghina, Fiano, Greco gained their praise for their fine expression of the terroir. Taurasi wines, made with Aglianico grapes (which was introduced by the Greeks) is known as the "Barolo of the South".

There is a new sense of pride in Campania, and to our delight, once again the wines of Campania are arousing our tasting buds.

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