Italy – Our Passion!

GIDA is introducing classic wines (such as Amarone, Barolo, Chianti, Gavi and Prosecco) including remarkable vintages of Brunello di Montalcino and Riservas, as well as little gems from  lesser known regions. We will continue to build an innovative collection encompassing other regions of Italy.

Our Estates are family owned where emphasis lies in a lasting and trusting partnership with us, indeed a number have become family friends over a period of more than twenty years.

Our Estates compliment without compromising each other with their wines. All are exclusive to GIDA in UK and Ireland.

You can rely on our determination to ensure that you will not be compromised by finding our wines available from your local competitor or the high street supermarkets. We can also offer guidance on food pairing, your wine list and staff training.

Based in Marylebone, London our offices, tasting room and warehouse, are perfectly placed to provide a fast, flexible and efficient service, with next morning delivery standard in London and three days almost everywhere else on UK mainland.


Christopher and Philippe have a passion for Italy, a country which continues to produce astonishing, at times under-rated and often considered excellent value wines, which it is our privilege to introduce to you. Christopher has travelled extensively through Italy over the last three decades, finding some little known but wonderful wines whilst building relationships with the producers.

Philippe, after twenty five years in the trade working in France and the UK as a sommelier at some of the finest restaurants, has developed his knowledge for and love of wine and believes Italy provides the key through its unique position, both historic and by its versatility to introduce new and interesting styles and tastes from indigenous grapes, the terroir and of course the people.

Christopher Harniman, 

Philippe Denoual,

Alberto Gottardello